Home Physiotherapy – 6 Easy Tips To Get You Started

Sarah Frost

So you’ve booked your first in-home physio appointment- What can you expect? And how can you make the appointment go smoothly? Check out our recommendations below.

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Have your paperwork ready

This is one of the first things that your physiotherapist will ask about. Whether you are an NDIS, Aged Care or Private paying client it is essential for your Physio to look over any relevant paperwork. This can include any scan reports, doctors referrals or your NDIS plan. 

It is essential that your physiotherapist has all the information available to them before commencing treatment. If you have any digital copies of paperwork it is advised to email this to your treating therapist before your appointment. This is important so that your physiotherapist can contact any relevant parties, have all the facts and secure funding for treatment, if required. It also saves time looking for these documents during your consultation, so that your treatment time is maximized.

Prepare the home environment

Your physiotherapist will require a space in your home where you can both sit and talk, complete a physical assessment and commence treatment. Depending on your needs, your physio may be carrying exercise equipment, a portable massage table and electronic devices such as a laptop. Ensure that you have room to accommodate for this by removing any clutter or hazards. Commonly, sessions are completed in living areas, bedrooms or even in the backyard. We love dogs by the way!

Be dressed Appropriately

In your initial consultation it’s likely that your physiotherapist will perform a physical assessment. This tends to involve moving around and assessing any body areas where you are having pain. Make sure to wear something loose fitting, easy to exercise in and comfortable for you. Your Physiotherapist may need you to remove some clothing to assess hard to reach areas, such as your hip. Don’t worry though! Physiotherapists are trained in draping patients using towels to ensure that you’re comfortable for the entire consult.

have physiotherapy goals

What do you want to achieve from physio? Homemade Physiotherapy values long term improvements and lifelong commitment to a healthier, pain-free version of yourself. When you booked your consult you may have a particular short-term problem. This could be a recent injury or a niggling pain that you want to get rid of. However, it’s also important to think about the bigger picture. 

Have you been less active lately? Have you had any general health issues? Has work been extra stressful? All these things are important for your physio to know so you can achieve long term success. This can include strategies to manage pain when it flares up or get you exercising more regularly. Have a good think about what has been bothering you and what you want to achieve in the long term.

know your payment options

Homemade Physiotherapy works alongside private and government services to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for physio. We bulk bill NDIS and Aged Care Plans. We also accept Medicare CDM plans, HCF more for muscles no-gap first session and more. We do our best to reduce the hassle of payment. 

If you are an NDIS participant make sure that your physio knows how your plan is managed and who pays for your consultations. Homemade Physiotherapy is here to help and find the most convenient option for you.

be ready for homework

Physiotherapy treatment is about teamwork. We work alongside patients to achieve their goals. This tends to involve exercise outside of the Physiotherapy session. Physio is a bit like going to the gym, or eating a healthy diet, in that consistency is key. So be ready for homework between consultations. This ensures that you get better faster, are in less pain and can progress quicker through your rehabilitation.

About the Author

Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost

prinicipal physiotherapist

Sarah has spent the last decade working as a Physiotherapist in a number of healthcare settings. She developed a passion for delivering high quality care for people with disability, this led to her founding Homemade Physiotherapy in 2021.

Sarah spent the first five years of her career in a private practice setting. She gained experience working with athletes and sports teams including NRL players, Australian Rugby players, Olympic athletes and Paralympians. 

Sarah values personalised, holistic and high quality Physiotherapy. Sarah Frost is a recognised industry leader as a Physiotherapy clinical educator, mentor and advocate.

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